The Trophy Wife

Here's a little of my story.  My husband and I met in college.  We have one of those 'fairy tale' stories.  We married in 2002.  He spoils me everyday, and I am always trying to spoil him in return.  We believe in balance in a relationship, and so far it works very well.  I am a mother of three.  My daughter was born June 2002.  When she was a baby, we lived on an acreage near a small town in South Dakota.  We moved to Omaha, NE in 2006.  My husband and I worked full time.  Our daughter was in school.  Everything was in it's place.  Then I was laid off in February 2009.  I spent my time desperately searching for a new job in a bad economy (like most stories these days).  My husband and I always joked that my new job was as 'Trophy Wife'.  So when I went to my 10 year High School Reunion that summer, that was what I told people when they asked what I did.  I really loved to see the looks on their faces.

Then in July 2009, I unexpectedly found out that I was pregnant again.  After some creative budgeting and comparing potential salary to day care expense, we found that I was needed more in the home.  So, the title of Trophy Wife stuck.  My son was born March 2010.  When I was pregnant with him, I started my first blog.  It was ramblings about my pregnancy and how it affected our little family.  I still use that blog to keep distant family informed of our little adventures through life.

In November 2010, I decided to start a second blog to talk about my obsessions.  As a very zealous and opinionated person, I am very passionate about different things.  Most of this is children and cloth diapering, but I have other obsessions as well.  Instead of invading my family blog with my personal rants, I thought it would be best to have another venue for this.  An anomaly that I found while I was pregnant was that I had many friends and family members who were pregnant at the same time.  Most of them are first time parents.  Now I am finding myself being a sounding board for these fellow parents, and I have to say that I love it!  I feel that I have a unique situation because my kids are 8 years apart from each other.  I find myself answering a lot of questions about sleep patterns, eating, breastfeeding, and my favorite, cloth diapers!  This is what brings me to this new adventure.  I want to impart my personal story and obsessions to those who have questions or can relate.

Now our youngest daughter was born October 2011.  It is such a joyous celebration for us and we are very excited to share with all of you!

Feel free to contact me at thetrophywife at obsessionsottw dot com with any comments, questions or just to chat!